Jump into the river of Life and watch God make the ripples grow!!

Description of Splash

Splash is an engaging and colorful space with a water theme. The goal for Splash is to help children in pre-K & kindergarten learn that just like they enjoy jumping into a game or a swimming pool, they will love jumping into a relationship with Jesus. Using Group Curriculum, each week there are measurable objectives for the children based on Jumping In (age-appropriate knowledge and understanding of the Christian faith) and Watching the ripples grow (seeing the positive results of following Jesus).

Because children learn best when they are having a good time, the room is always fun and inviting. Everything is done with the purpose of helping the children know Jesus, Bible stories, how to pray, and how to live as a Christian. We use multiple teaching tools including flannelgraph, video, songs, crafts, drama, etc. 

A NEW Sunday School class for potty trained children in PreK and Kindergarten to jump into Jesus!

Jesus said, “Whoever believes in me…rivers of living water will flow through them.” John 7:38