At Faith Community Church we believe our interconnected Recovery Ministry approach is the best way for us to work.  We find that this gives the best framework for individuals to succeed in recovery and for families to experience healing.


  1. Traditional 12 Step Groups.  We host AA, NA, and Al-anon.  We work to make our church a hospitable place for 12 Step Groups to meet.  We keep communication open by identifying a contact person for each group and finding out from each group what they need from us in order to feel welcome.  This means we provide safe meeting space, comfortable smoking areas, and full access to kitchen and storage.   We thank each group throughout the year for making us their home, and we make sure we ask each group a few times each year if there is anything that we could do to improve on our hospitality.
  2. Twelve Step Bible Study.  This is a ministry of Faith Community Church.  It is held for one hour each week.  Each month one of the 12 steps is the topic (January – Step 1, February – Step 2, etc.).  Also, each week a Bible passage is chosen to go along with the Step.  The church provides Life Recovery Bibles for the group and for any member that would like one to take home.  Each meeting begins with the same format:  The leader reads the Step, three members each read through the Bible passage one time, and then the Step is read again.  The leader comments on why the particular passage was chosen.  A pastor does a short teaching on the background of the Bible passage.  The group is then encouraged to discuss the Bible passage, the Step, and what is happening in their life.  This group is open to anyone in recovery and any family member of someone who is an alcoholic or addict.  The group consists of approximately 15 participants.  It grows by word of mouth.    Participants do not need to attend another 12 Step Group or Faith Community Church to join.
  3. 12 Step Spiritual Direction.  This is offered by a pastor of Faith Community Church for anyone who is in recovery or a family member of an alcoholic or addict.  Individual sessions are weekly for approximately 30-40 minutes.   This Spiritual Direction is not intended to take the place of a 12 Step sponsor or professional counselor.  Referrals for counseling are made when necessary.
  4. 12 Step Counseling.  There is a licensed counselor available through Faith Community Church.  Referrals are typically made through one of the pastors. Counseling is held at the church.  Billing is done through individuals’ private insurance.
  5. Collaborative Relationships.  We have relationships (including members of Faith Community Church who are staff) in area recovery programs.  These include Teen Challenge, Teen Challenge BLOOM, area residential half-ways houses, and various local sober houses.



12-Step Bible Study at 7 pm


AA at 12 pm (noon)


AA at 7:30 pm

Al-Anon at 7:30 pm


NA at 7:30 pm