Memorial Garden

Memorial Garden

Here at Faith Community Church, we honor loved ones that have passed away. We remember them for their faith and the legacy that they have built. The Memorial Garden is a place where people can take time to pray and to enjoy resting in the presence of God.

Our flag is given in memory of Robert C. Anderson, US Navy.

By the Conner Family.

Memorial Bell

This 1866 bell was made in Sheffield, England. The bell was housed in our former church site in Duxbury where it rang at the start of each service. It can still be heard ringing here at Faith Community Church for special services like weddings, Maundy Thursday, and much more.

Easter Sunrise Service

Easter morning, we as a church are able to have our Sunrise Service in our Memorial Garden. As we celebrate Jesus raising from the dead, we also honor those who have gone before us.

Gallery of The Memorial Garden