Futures Team

The Mission of this team is to develop recommendations on “Where is God calling us to be as a church” that align to our core values and beliefs while setting FCC up for continued positive impact in our community. There has been some division within the United Methodist denomination. This team is tasked with proactively developing recommendations for our church’s future that will enhance our ministry in the future.

Members of the team:

Rev. Lori Eldredge (co-chair)

Dave Bierut (co-chair)

Michael Mitchell

Mark Rocheteau

Jessica Mullin

Genefson Silveira

The Guiding Principles:

Prayerfully asking for God’s guidance. (Discernment) – James 1:5


Always adhering to our core values of: Loving Christ, Growing Relationships, and Reshaping Lives – Matthew 22:37-40


Open and Honest Communication – Ephesians 4:29

Futures Team Process to Date

Listening Sessions

Session # 1: November 6th at 4:30pm held in the Sanctuary (Topic: What would disaffiliation mean for this church’s theology, identity,
history, and disciple making?)

Session # 2: December 7th at 7pm following FCC Church Conference (Topic:  Organizational and Financial Information and Implications)

Session # 3: January 10th at 7pm (Topic: Impact on Local Community) 

Session # 4: Date and time TBD (Topic: General Conference)

We Want Your Input

Connect with us at Futures@faithcommunityma.com, we want to hear from you!!