Listening is a Privilege

Listening is a Privilege

Read James 1:19-21 (NLT)

Thought for the Day: Today, I will listen first!

Shortly after our son was born, my wife and I took Henry to Boston for a hearing test. At the end of the appointment, we walked away knowing that our little squishy baby had full hearing ability in both ears. But, during the multiple hours of testing, I wondered what it would be like to grow up without the physical ability needed to listen to those around us. For a large number of us, hearing is something we take for granted each and every day. But, not everyone has this same life experience. It really is a privilege to be able to physically hear and listen.

Throughout the ages, humans have struggled with effective listening. It is easy to quickly respond or speak at the times we should instead listen. While this tendency is understandable, it is not the best way. Instead, Christians are to “be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger”. How often do we find ourselves making situations worse by reacting when we should instead be listening?

As we go through our lives, let’s learn to exercise one of the greatest skills we have: the gift of listening. At times when we find it easy to overreact or get in the final word, let’s remember that listening is a privilege. In a world where sharing opinions loudly for all to hear has become the norm, let’s remember that God’s word shows us a different way. We are called to listen before speaking.

By prioritizing listening and setting aside strong feelings when life seems to make no sense, we can experience God’s right way of living. With this perspective, we can embrace listening and remember that His ways are always better. Today, let’s remember that listening is a privilege and a mindset.

In Christ,

Pastor David (and Stan)

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