Jesus Loves Us

Jesus Loves Us

Read John 2:1-22
Thought for the Day: Jesus loves us!

In the second chapter of John’s Gospel, Jesus attended a wedding celebration with His mother and the disciples. Some time into the ceremony, the wine ran out and his mother responded to this in a curious way. She neither tried to take over and figure out how to save the day nor ordered Jesus to fix the problem. She simply brought the problem to Jesus’ attention and instructed the servants to “do whatever He tells you.” She didn’t try to manipulate or control the situation with the notion that she had all the answers. She also didn’t make an assumption that Jesus would see lack of wine as a problem beneath Him. Instead, Mary brought the problem to Jesus, gathered a team to carry out a solution, and waited. After all, she knew Jesus and knew His character. She knew He loves us!

In our lives today, we may find ourselves rushing to solve problems with half-baked solutions. Rather than being open to Jesus’ solution, we may feel the need to quickly make a problem go away. Unfortunately, when we have this mindset, the “solutions” we come up with tend to simply make problems worse! At times, we find ourselves assuming that specific problems are too small to bring before Christ. While we are likely to realize that a seriously ill friend warrants prayer, it is easy to forget that He cares about our day-to-day ups and downs.

Jesus desires for us to consistently come before Him with everything. He wants us to bring both what we consider trivial as well as what we think is important. Today’s ups and downs are not beneath Jesus. He wants to be part of all of our life as we learn to trust Him more! When we are frustrated and don’t know what to do, we can simply remember that Jesus loves us and cares!

In Christ,
Pastors Stan and David

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