What is actually impossible?

What is actually impossible?

Read 1 Samuel 17:48-58
Thought for the Day: Nothing is impossible with God.

Like many of my generation, the song “The Impossible Dream” has always been a favorite. A number of years ago, Regina and I were given tickets to see Man of LaMancha at a local theater in Worcester. The actor who sang “The Impossible Dream” did such a good job that when the performance was over we bought tickets for another show so we could take our sons. I don’t know anyone who isn’t inspired when they hear Don Quixote sing his response to Adonza’s question of what it means to follow the quest.

From the limited perspective of the nervous Israelite army, defeating Goliath was nothing short of an impossible dream. However, the problem with an impossible dream is that it puts all the emphasis on us having to do something great. When we truly think of that which seems impossible, none of us needs to rely on our own efforts. Young David knew that it was in fact God and not he who would defeat Goliath. Therefore, when David “prevailed over the Philistine with a sling and a stone” he already knew that the victory belonged to God. This is why David reminded everyone that even a simple sling and stones can defeat state-of-the-art armor when we trust God. Things that otherwise are only impossible dreams to us are never impossible for God.

In today’s time of doubt, fear, and uncertainty we need to remember God doesn’t ask us to be stronger, smarter, or more talented than others. He doesn’t need us to be perfect spouses, parents, or friends. Instead, God asks only one thing of each of us. He asks us to trust Him in every situation because nothing is impossible with God!

In Christ,
Pastor Stan (and David)

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