The Lesson of the Tree Branch

The Lesson of the Tree Branch

Read John 15:4
Thought for the Day: Our strength comes from God!

As much as we know that it is important to find our security in God, it is often hard to put this into practice. Instead of trusting God, we find all kinds of other things to put our faith in. Sometimes we place our faith in our finances, other times we make it our work, and still, at other times we place our trust in a human leader. Each one of us finds things that we believe will give us security even though we know that people, places, and things all eventually let us down. The one thing that will never fail is God’s love!

Jesus compared finding our security in God to a branch abiding in a plant. This time of year, we go outside and see tree branches that look like they have no life. But despite their leaves falling off months ago, these trees are not dead. Rather, we know that they are still connected, and at just the right time, new life will appear. The same principle applies to us. Just because we don’t always see the benefits of abiding in Christ, it doesn’t reduce the security that comes from receiving our strength from God.

Our lives would be so much better if we could accept that we all experience seasons of winter. Each of us faces times when we don’t see the benefit of abiding in Christ. We all experience seasons when we mistakenly try to find strength in things other than God. However, this doesn’t mean the benefit isn’t there. Whatever we are facing today, let’s remember that we can connect to Christ when we read Scripture, pray, and stay close to other Christians. When we learn to do this, it doesn’t matter whether we see the benefit of abiding in Him today. We discover that when we stay connected, we are secure and growth is guaranteed!

In Christ,
Pastors Stan and David

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