Four Promises

Four Promises

Read Psalm 91

What does it mean that God is our strength? The Ninety-First Psalm describes God as both a protector and a place to flee to for safety. While we are encouraged as Christians to turn to God at all times, we know that God is there for us in times of trouble. What is the promise given to those in need who ask for God’s help? “When he calls to me, I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble; I will rescue him and honor him.” (Psalm 91:15)

God promises us four things when we turn to Him:

1) God will answer us. How often do we feel unheard or unlistened in our daily lives? How often do we stop and really listen to others? God is not caught up on a smartphone scrolling on social media. God is never too busy. God doesn’t just listen, He answers!

2) God will be with us. Think of the difference simply being present makes. Even Jesus needed His friends to be present with Him. This is why Jesus asked His disciples to stay awake with Him in the Garden of Gethsemane. But they were much like we are. They couldn’t stay present with Jesus for just one hour. God is not like that . . . ever!

3) God will rescue us. Have you ever been in a situation feeling as if there was no way out? We learn that when we pray to God and turn our problems over, He will rescue us. God always provides us with a path forward. We simply have to turn away from relying on our own thinking and follow.

4) God will honor us. When going through difficult opportunities, we can feel a sense of guilt and sometimes shame. Faith is neither about false pride nor feeling bad about ourselves. When we turn to God, He helps us find the right kind of honor!
Let’s remember these four promises so we can have a new type of strength. This strength doesn’t come from ourselves but is found whenever we go to God: our refuge!

In Christ,
Pastors Stan and David

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