Read Matthew 11:25-30
Thought for the Day: Rest is non-negotiable!

In recent years, some runners have adopted a mindset of “no days off”. While rest days have clear benefits, some feel that true dedication to running requires a willingness to simply ignore the aches and get out for a run every day. Viewing running from a “no days off” perspective often comes from the belief that daily habits are the easiest to keep. After all, couldn’t one day off turn into two…?

Of course, if a runner is unwilling to take time to rest, the body has a way of forcing days off through injury, fatigue, and burn-out. In the end, for the vast majority of runners, rest days are mandatory. But, “no days off” isn’t just a philosophy that runners struggle with. Our society places a premium on busyness. Even when we are home and not on the go, how often do we find ourselves shutting off screens and taking time to actually quiet our minds?

This past week, we have considered different ways we can “abide in Christ”. We know that rest is so important for our spiritual lives that it is repeatedly emphasized in both the Old and New Testaments. But, like runners afraid to interrupt a habit, we can quickly forget to take time to rest in all parts of our lives. Rest is an essential ingredient, and without it, we will never be able to quiet our souls.

In Christ,
Pastors Stan and David

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