The Lord is a God of Knowledge!

The Lord is a God of Knowledge!

Read 1 Samuel 2:1-10

Thought for the Day: “The Lord is the God of knowledge!”

More than anything else in the world, Hannah wanted children. Each day she did her best to faithfully serve God and love her husband, Elkanah. But as the years progressed, her desire to become a mother only grew despite her infertility. Confused and with nowhere else to turn, she went to the temple to pray. At first, she was so emotional and passionate that the priest assumed she was drunk. But he realized that Hannah wasn’t drunk – she was “troubled in spirit”. If she could have a child, she would dedicate him to a life of service to God.

Seeing her sincere faith, the priest prayed a prayer of blessing and sent her on her way. After returning home, she became pregnant and gave birth to a son: Samuel. When the boy was old enough, Hannah fulfilled her promise and sent him to be raised in the temple. Her faith allowed her to see that God could make sense of something that made absolutely no sense to her: infertility. With her prayer, she demonstrated her belief that “the Lord is a God of knowledge” no matter how confusing things seem. Even when things make no sense, God is all-knowing and we are asked to rejoice in Him only and not the temporary things of earth.

Like Hannah, we live in confusing times. At times, we may wonder why so much of what goes on around us makes so little sense. We would be much more content if we lived like Hannah, acknowledging that “the Lord is a God of knowledge”. There will always be things we don’t have to understand. When we find ourselves struggling, let’s pray and remember that even when we don’t know, God does!

In Christ,

Pastors Stan and David

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