The Bible in My Pocket

The Bible in My Pocket

Read Psalm 119:105-106
Thought for the Day: Every smartphone is actually a pocket Bible.

In an age of immediate internet access, it is easy to get discouraged about the seemingly adverse impact of constant cellphone use. Do a quick search online (there’s irony for you), and you will find a variety of articles with titles like “Your Smartphone is Hurting You”. Or, let any one of us open up our smartphone and head over to ‘Screen Time’. We may be surprised to see just how many minutes we were on our phone today alone. Our phones have become a greater part of our lives than we could have ever anticipated.

But let’s be honest, calling the mini-computer in our pocket a ‘phone’ isn’t entirely accurate. Most of the time any one of us spends on our phones isn’t spent talking to others. The vast majority of time is answering emails, searching social media, and playing mindless games. For the average person, the actual time on phone calls is but a small fraction. However, let’s remember it doesn’t really matter what we call those electronic devices in our pockets. Yes – they have the ability to make calls… but each one also has unlimited access to the Bible. Rather than viewing our smartphones as phones with other features, we could reimagine them as pocket Bibles with additional access to social media.

Surprised? Check out or The Bible App (Youversion). Both are free and extremely user-friendly. Here’s the truth: very few of us need another reminder that endless scrolling on social media isn’t helpful. But, when we remember the words of Scripture “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path”, we discover that our unlimited access to technology has an incredible perk. We now have a Bible with us no matter where we go. The only question is this: Will we take time to read it today?

In Christ,
Pastors Stan and David

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