What’s the Point? Day #3 of “Where Do We Listen?” (Wed., Sep 8th)

What’s the Point? Day #3 of “Where Do We Listen?” (Wed., Sep 8th)

Read John 20:30-31
Thought for the Day: Do I know what the point is?

As a school teacher, I have learned that every year is its own unique challenge. Even before we ever had pandemic-related school closures to deal with, we have had our share of snow days and power outages. There are always disgruntled parents and unhappy coworkers. And of course, teachers learn to navigate random supply shortages (I remember going an entire year without yellow-lined paper) and broken copiers. But – one thing is the same year after year. Inevitably, one student will turn and ask this simple question: “What’s the point of what we are learning?”

In all honesty, this can be a genuinely hard question to give a fair answer to. On one hand, there is always value in learning for learning’s sake… but, there are honestly times when teachers have to teach things simply because they are required texts. However, even if there are a few times we teach something simply to check off a box, I have learned to be grateful for all opportunities in the school as they are chances for me to be a leader and mentor to young people who desperately need direction. Modeling a better way (than what children/teenagers default to) is ultimately the point for every teacher.

In our faith walks, we can ask the same question. “What’s the point of what we are learning?” There will be times when we will wonder what the actual point is of picking up our Bible and getting to know Scripture. Fortunately, unlike with other things that are taught, the Bible gives us the direct answer. John’s Gospel is “written so that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in His name.” Put simply, faith in Jesus is the point of learning the Scriptures!

Once we have found the point of learning the Bible, we can ask the follow-up question. Today, do our lives reflect a genuine belief that Jesus is the Christ? Are we opening the pages of the Bible, getting to know Jesus better, and developing a deep prayer life? As we are reading Scripture, is the Holy Spirit working in our hearts to make us more like Christ in our thoughts and actions? When we can say “YES” to these questions, we will have discovered what the point is!

In Christ,
Pastor David (and Stan)

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