Stinking Thinking

Stinking Thinking

Read Luke 24:1-12
Thought for the Day: Only Jesus is good enough!

It is easy to look around at others and start to believe we aren’t good enough and need to do more. Spend a few minutes on any social media platform and you will find yourself bombarded by viral stars intended to leave us feeling like a nobody. If you play the guitar, you will see virtuosos playing what looks impossible while making it seem effortless. If you are a parent, you will see parenting pros who seem to have everything together. If you own a dog, you will see masters who somehow balance owning the Best in Show while living an apparently perfect life.

It is easy to fall into “stinking thinking” and mistakenly believe we are the only ones who aren’t perfect. I’m going to let you in on a little secret: no one is actually a superstar with a perfect life. That guitarist, parent, and dog owner all experience “stinking thinking’ moments of their own. This is because each of our lives is messy and complicated. All of us experience times when we feel like we aren’t good enough. Fortunately, we can know someone who is “good enough” and His name is Jesus.

On the first Easter Sunday, the disciples were in a tough place. Having followed Jesus right up to His, they found themselves discouraged having deserted Jesus or worse yet denying Him. They had forgotten what Jesus had promised. It’s funny how we often think of those in the Bible as the heroes of our faith.  They were human just like we are.  When we read their stories, we discover that they too experienced their own “stinking thinking”!

When we find ourselves feeling like we aren’t “good enough” just remember that we don’t have to be! Only Jesus is good enough. All we have to do is accept His forgiveness as we follow Him!

In Christ,
Pastors Stan and David

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