“Follow Me!”

“Follow Me!”

Read Ephesians 4:1-3
Thought for the Day: “Walk worthy of the calling!!”

Over two thousand years ago, Jesus of Nazareth approached a group of people who, in the eyes of their society, were anything but the most qualified. He quickly assembled a ragtag group that included fishermen and even a tax collector. Nevertheless, Jesus said, “Follow Me!”

These first disciples are our spiritual ancestors and we are given the same call: “Follow Me!” But, while the only qualification of following Jesus is a willingness to trust in Him and serve others humbly, we must never forget the incredible gift we have been given. While some people dream of meeting a favorite celebrity or joining an exclusive profession, we know that there is no higher calling or greater path than following Jesus as one of His disciples.

Yet, each of us experiences moments when, if we are honest, our beliefs (love for God, and love for our neighbors) come into direct conflict with our actions. While faith in Christ should be the WHY behind each of our actions, it can be a struggle to consistently follow Jesus. Too often, the choices we make (either large or small) can come from impulse or self-interest rather than a willingness to seek Him first.

Fortunately, every day we wake up is a new opportunity to seek Jesus first and consistently. No matter our actions yesterday, Jesus has a simple ask for us today: “Follow Me!” With this in mind, let’s remember the words of the Apostle Paul and walk worthy of this calling. For the rest of today, before we act, let’s take a moment to pray and ask Christ for guidance. After all, it is a great privilege to humbly serve Jesus, our Lord!

In Christ,
Pastors Stan and David


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