God Among Us (Day #5 of “Five Psalms”)

God Among Us (Day #5 of “Five Psalms”)

Read Psalm 117
Thought for the Day: God’s people are everywhere.

I was in a new school. Our family had moved from Lincoln, RI to Whitinsville, MA.  Now, not only was I in this new school, it was a new type of school. First, in our new town, Middle School began in 6th grade. At my former school, Middle School didn’t start until 7th grade. But, something else was also new. My new school was named Whitinsville Christian School. Going from a public school in Rhode Island to Whitinsville Christian school was quite the change!

In my new school, I discovered something that I had never experienced before.  Now, all my friends at school went to church. They also all seemed to know Contemporary Christian music and bands that I had never heard of. Therefore, I asked my parents and for summer vacation after my first year, our family went to a large Christian Festival at Kings Island in Cincinnati, Oh. Suddenly I was becoming aware of the fact that Christians live in different places, go to different churches, and even have radically different ways to worship God from one another.

In the fifth section of the Psalms (Psalms 107 – 150) we are reminded that God is among us. Even more than I learned as a 6th-grade child, God doesn’t only show up for my family, my church, or my town. As we read in Psalm 117, “Praise the Lord, all you nations; extol him, all you peoples.” The Psalmist wants us to remember that God is bigger and His people more diverse than any of us can ever imagine. Today, too many want to claim God for just themselves. Instead, let’s remember that not only are His people everywhere, but also “the faithfulness of the Lord endures forever!”

In Christ,
Pastor David (and Stan)

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