Stay in Your Lane!

Stay in Your Lane!

Read  Isaiah 40:30-31
Thought for the Day: I will stay in my lane.

A few years ago, I went to the Reggie Lewis Center in Boston to watch a high school senior from Plymouth North compete in the State Indoor 2-mile race. As much as that race was memorable, I will always remember another race I watched that day. In the finals for the state championship in another event, a young woman came in first place by out-sprinting her nearest competitor in the last 25 meters.

I was watching the race just above the last turn, and I noticed that the winner stepped out of her lane and off the track on her last turn. I said to the person I was with, “She should be disqualified. A runner isn’t allowed to take even one step off the track without being disqualified.” A judge saw the same thing, and the runner was disqualified. Instead of coming in first place, she ended up being in last place. Learning to stay in one’s lane is essential for anyone who wishes to compete in track.

In Joshua 19:51 we read, “They finished dividing the land.” This means that God assigned to each of the twelve tribes of Israel the place where they would live. Each tribe simply needed to be content with what God gave them as they raised their families. God even distributed 48 towns for the Levitical Priests to live among the Twelve Tribes. This meant every person would have equal access to a Priest so they could make their sacrifices, receive Biblical instruction, and have a Spiritual Leader pray with them. Now a happy life depended on each person, family, and tribe staying in their own lane!

Today, we can get caught up with things that don’t concern us. Our culture thrives on making us think that everybody else’s business is actually our business. There are only two kinds of business in life: “My business” and “None of my business.” When we learn this, we learn to stay in our own lane. Then we can trust God and find peace!

In Christ,
Pastor Stan


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