Overworked, Isolated, and Burnt-out!

Overworked, Isolated, and Burnt-out!

Read Exodus 18:13-23
Thought for the Day: “You are not able to do it alone!”

The summer before my sixth-grade year, my family moved to a new town. While I faced many challenges as a new kid in a new school, I faced one obstacle greater than all others: my inflated sense of pride. You see, because I had been selected for an “academically talented” cohort in Elementary School, I had begun to believe I was the smartest person alive. With this very unhelpful mindset, I asked to be placed in my own group when my new peers and I were given a group science project. Believing I would be slowed down by seemingly inferior partners, I attempted to do everything myself… until a week later when I felt overworked, isolated, and burnt-out! Fortunately, my teacher intervened with the following statement: “David, I hope this has taught you the value of not trying to do it all alone. Also, I have assigned you to a group… they will help you get caught up!”

If only I had learned the lesson of Moses! After the Exodus from Egypt, Moses believed he needed to single-handedly lead, advise, and judge the people… even though there were thousands of them! After Moses basically burnt out, his father-in-law Jethro intervened: “What you are doing is not good. You and the people with you will certainly wear yourselves out, for the thing is too heavy for you. You are not able to do it alone!” Jethro then helped Moses get started by dividing up tasks and building a team. With help, Moses was slowly transformed from an overworked guy to a visionary leader with a great team!

What about us? Do we find ourselves approaching today feeling overworked, isolated, and burnt-out? When we wonder how much longer we can hold on, let’s stop and ask a simple question: are we trying to do it alone? If the answer is yes, let’s pray and ask God who He has already given us to help. Then… let’s reach out and ask for help! After all, we will be amazed by how much God can do with each of us when we simply accept the help and support He provides!

In Christ,
Pastor David (and Stan)

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