Claiming a Sacred Place

Claiming a Sacred Place

Read  Joshua 8:30-35
Thought for the Day: I will claim a spot for God!

In my office, I have a print from the early days of American Methodism. Years ago, I bought this 19th-century print at a yard sale in Providence. In this picture, young John Wesley is being rescued from a fire at his home in Epworth. This print always reminds me of God’s faithfulness. When I start to think life is overwhelming, I look at this picture and remember that just as God was present for John Wesley, He is also constantly there for my loved ones and me.

Immediately after a tremendous victory, Joshua gathered the people. Seeing a tremendous opportunity, he led his armies on a spiritual pilgrimage… and they brought the rest of the people with them. Joshua climbed a mountain and built an altar to God and acknowledged that God was the reason they experienced victory.

Today, I encourage you to grab something to remind you of God’s faithfulness. Then, set aside in a special place for God. It could be your nightstand, a coffee table, or even the dashboard of your car. For the rest of the day, every time you look at it, take a moment to thank God for His presence in your life. Don’t worry about whether today is a “good day” or a bad one. Instead, use each opportunity you see your special remembrance as a chance to reset. God is faithful and far greater than any of us.

Today is a very special day. Let’s remember this as we claim a special spot for God!

In Christ,
Pastor Stan (and David)

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