Letting Go Of Anger (FACING JERICHO Day Five)

Letting Go Of Anger (FACING JERICHO Day Five)

Read Acts 8:1-3
Thought for the Day: Human anger is not God’s righteousness

Once, there was a man named Saul. Believing he was one of the few people on Earth (literally) with the right answers, he ruthlessly and legalistically followed the Old Testament. When he encountered a man named Stephen preaching the Good News of Jesus, Saul became angry. Viewing this emotion as “righteous anger”, Saul cheered as men put Stephen to death. Saul began rounding up and throwing every Christian he could find into prison. Why did he go to such great lengths? Saul mistakenly believed that anger allowed him to do God’s work.

In Scripture, we are clearly shown that human anger is NOT God’s righteousness. “For the anger of man does not produce the righteousness of God” (James 1:20). Period. Fortunately, when Saul was given another chance he let go of his anger. Instead of following his emotion, he learned to follow Jesus. We don’t know him as Saul That Angry Guy but the Apostle Paul.

As we conclude another week, let’s keep it simple. God asks us to let go of our anger and follow Jesus. For some, anger is the Wall of Jericho and seems unbeatable. When we find ourselves struggling, let’s slow down, pray, and ask the Holy Spirit for peace. After all, our anger does not lead to righteousness!

In Christ,
Pastors Stan and David

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