“I Will Surely Go With You”(FACING JERICHO Day One)

“I Will Surely Go With You”(FACING JERICHO Day One)

Read Judges 4:4-10
Thought for the Day: I can step up to be a partner!

When we follow God’s lead, He knocks down the obstacles in our lives. Under Joshua, God commanded the new generation to be circumcised. Then, He led these people to Jericho and destroyed what appeared to be an impenetrable fortress (Jericho). Throughout Scripture, God used men and women of faith who were simply willing to obediently follow Him. Each of them faced their own Jericho (an obstacle which seemed impossible but was easily overcome by God).

In the Fourth Chapter of Judges, we meet a woman named Deborah. Living in a society that didn’t value her leadership, Deborah faced an obstacle: the current military command structure was reluctant to act. While Barak was appointed to judge the people, only Deborah had the courage to lead the men of Israel into battle. Rather than gossiping about Barak’s cowardice, Deborah did something amazing. She asked him to follow God’s command, offered to go with him, and they together won the battle.

We too face times when we know God asks us those around us to act. Rather than resorting to gossip or grumbling, let’s learn to be obedient like Deborah and partner with those who struggle. When we see other Christians struggling to obediently follow God, let’s live out Deborah’s legacy: “I will surely go with you”!

In Christ,
Pastors Stan and David

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