Prayer is Essential!

Prayer is Essential!

Read James 5:13-18
Thought for the Day: Prayer is essential!

In a particularly memorable Monty Python and the Flying Circus sketch, we meet a shop owner named Mr. Wensleydale. An enthusiastic businessman, Wensleydale prides himself on owning the greatest cheese shop around. The boutique even has its own band with live music and dancing for the amusement of all who enter. Unfortunately, while he has 100 excuses for why every possible type of cheese is sold out or currently unavailable, Wensleydale has no cheese in the shop.

It’s certainly hard to run a cheese shop if you don’t have any cheese! However, unlike a Monty Python skit about a cheese shop with no cheese, trying to live a Christian life without praying is no laughing matter. In the Epistle of James, we are reminded to pray in all circumstances. Prayer is key whether we find ourselves suffering, joyful, sick, or stuck in sin. No matter the circumstance, prayer is the answer.

By definition, Christians are Christ-followers. Throughout His earthly ministry, Jesus repeatedly took time to stop and pray. Let’s remember this. Prayer is a helpful part of life. But more than this, it is essential for Christians. Today, tomorrow, and each day after, let’s take time to pray!

In Christ,
Pastors Stan and David


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