Leading is Serving

Leading is Serving

Read Luke 18:9-14
Thought for the Day: Leadership is simply an opportunity to serve.

It has been said that “absolute power corrupts absolutely.” However, there are a few exc\eptions. One is the Roman hero Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus. A retired statesman, Cincinnatus was content to work on his farm until a crisis led the Roman people to name him military dictator in 458 BC. As soon as he had resolved the situation, Cincinnatus stepped down and returned to his farm… until he was asked 20 years later (in 438) to resume his role as military dictator. Once again, he saved Rome heroically before returning to his life as a farmer. Rather than seeing power as an opportunity to serve himself, Cincinnatus humbly accepted the responsibilities of his role until he was no longer needed.

Jesus stressed the importance of humility. In the First Century, the Pharisees used their positions to serve themselves. As key religious leaders, they could have set an example of what it means to humbly love and serve God. But, they failed and instead celebrated themselves. So, Jesus made it clear: “Everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, but the one who humbles himself will be exalted.”

What about us? When given opportunities, are we able to see our positions for what they are? Every day we have the opportunity to serve God. Some days that means serving our family, coworkers, or a friend in need. Anytime we find ourselves trying to get our own way we are acting like the Pharisees. Instead, God wants us to learn to become like Jesus and humbly serve in all that we do.

In Christ,
Pastors Stan and David

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