Ending Well

Ending Well

Read Deuteronomy 34
Thought for the Day: Am I willing to let go and trust God?

Many are able to lead their subordinates charismatically and inspire those around them. Many rise to great heights of fame, popularity, and influence. Some lead faithfully and put the well-being of their teams over themselves. But ending well with grace and dignity (instead of clutching onto power until it is not their choice to let go) often proves to be difficult. For all of us, there come times when something we care about must end. When those moments arrive, will we have the courage to let go and end well?

Moses was one of the greatest leaders who ever lived. He was responsible for freeing the Israelite people from slavery, organizing them as a nomadic nation, and keeping them alive through 40 years of trial and wandering in the desert. But, the man who led his people out of Egypt was not asked by God to lead them into the Promised Land. Instead, God asked Moses to appoint a new leader, Joshua. Rather than resisting and attempting to defy God, Moses humbly accepted his role and passed the torch. Because Moses ended well, Joshua was set up for success: “And Joshua the son of Nun was full of the spirit of wisdom, for Moses had laid his hands on him. So the people of Israel obeyed him and did as the Lord had commanded Moses.” Moses could have defiantly marched the people into the Promised Land in spite of God’s clear instructions. Instead, he was as faithful in his letting go as he was in his leading.

How do we face the times we need to let go and end well? Are we willing to see that sometimes God asks us to faithfully serve Him by letting go? When we end well, it sets a powerful example for those around us. When we let go as Moses did, we show that God is important and we are here to follow Him faithfully. Let’s pray that we are aware of the times that God asks us to let go as He can continue His work through others. When we step aside and end well, we truly honor God!

In Christ,
Pastors Stan and David

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