First Love

First Love

Read Revelation 2:1-5

Thought for the Day: Jesus is my first love!

Take a moment to think back to what it was like at first. Before things got complicated and life got in the way, what was it like at first with your (fill in the blank)? In the moments before you went on your first date with your spouse, how did you feel? When you held your child for the first time? When you nailed the interview and got hired for the job you had dreamed of? When you first gave your life to Jesus and knew anything was possible with Him?

There’s something almost magical about “firsts”. But, how often do we approach today as we did at the beginning? If we are honest with ourselves, we have likely abandoned that first love in many parts of our lives. Rather than cherishing each moment, it is easy to focus on the fact that everything seems to have changed from those cherished memories of the start.

Let’s get back to our first love in Jesus, the One whose love for us inspires us to love others. Rather than wasting even one moment more, today is the day to turn back and ask the Holy Spirit to bring us back to the start. With Jesus’ love at the center of our lives, a real and lasting reset of anything else is possible!

In Christ,

Pastors Stan and David

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