“Faith is a Journey”

“Faith is a Journey”

Read Genesis 12:1-9

Thought for the Day: Our experiences offer a chance to draw closer to God!

Thousands of years ago, a man named Abram (we now know him as Abraham, one of the great patriarchs of the Old Testament) learned that faith is a long, slow walk. He followed God’s leading, first for 700 miles. Then he continued on another 700 miles. But, the journey still wasn’t over yet. Abraham ended his journey by walking a final 800 miles before ending in Canaan.

I certainly don’t have the walking endurance of Abraham. A few days ago, I pushed my toddler and her brother on our double stroller around our hilly neighborhood for an hour. By the end, I was exhausted and needed to rest! But, even though I was tired and realized I need to get into better shape, the journey was a great time to bond with my two children. Ruby loved seeing the horses, dogs, and trucks in our neighborhood. Henry, a newborn, slept for most of the time.

Imagine what it must have been like for Abraham. He didn’t walk for one hour with his kids but journeyed with God over the course of many years. Through the ups and downs of his travels, he learned that human strength is not enough. Abraham continually and faithfully relied on the strength of God. Are we willing to learn from Abraham and see that faith is a journey? While we may not be walking hundreds of miles, God calls each of us to follow His plans for our lives. When we go through the hills and valleys of life, let’s use our experiences to bond with God throughout the journey.

In Christ,

Pastor David

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