“The Lesson of Levi”

 “The Lesson of Levi”

Read Luke 5:27-32

Thought for the Day: When I repent, God will redeem my mistakes!

Levi was scorned and labeled a traitor among his people. Living under the crushing occupation of Rome, a majority of the Jewish people longed for freedom and a return to their old ways. But, some used the Roman occupation as a chance to get rich by collecting taxes and taking a large cut for themselves. Levi and many of his friends had chosen to become opportunists as tax collectors for Rome, rather than waiting patiently for the coming of the Messiah.

Then one day, everything changed. Jesus came to town and did something no one would have predicted: when Jesus looked at Levi, he did not share the people’s scorn or contempt. Instead, Jesus gave this tax collector an opportunity to repent, saying, “Follow Me.” Immediately, Levi surrendered his status, wealth, and lifestyle. While he had always pursued wealth, Levi suddenly embraced a total life and mindset shift. But, what happened next was even more incredible. Levi hosted a large party, inviting Jesus and all of his tax collector friends. Rather than trying to pretend his past hadn’t happened, Levi understood that God is able to use our mistakes for His good. That day, Levi repented and all of his tax collector friends shared a meal with Jesus!

Let’s learn the lesson of Levi. When we turn away from our past actions and mistakes, let’s realize that God is far more powerful than anything we have ever done. When we repent, what can seem to us like an embarrassing stain from the past can be used by God for good!

In Christ,

Pastors Stan and David

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