“The Right Glue”

Read Colossians 3:12-14

Thought for the Day: Love holds us together!

When many look back on their time in middle school, they often remember what can only be described as an awkward time in life. But, even if the experience of going through those years isn’t called the “glory days”, middle school did have one thing going for it: that was the time of the absolute best science projects! For my youngest son, it was his homemade catapult. He loved it so much that we kept it for him in our garage right through his years in college. Then, the summer before he got married, he played with it a few last times and decided it finally was time to throw it away. However, for me, nothing will ever match the famous Popsicle Stick Bridge.

Popsicle Stick Bridge builders were given only two materials: popsicle sticks and glue. With these simple items, young engineers built complex structures that held a surprising amount of weight. As a dad, remembering what it was like to stand with other parents to see what our children constructed, is one of my favorite memories. And of course, the students learned a valuable lesson: if they used something other than wood glue, even the most impressive-looking bridge collapsed. It all came down to one thing: having the right glue to bind it together!

The Apostle Paul knew that in life our relationships must be bound together with the right thing. However, it isn’t the glue that we buy at the hardware store that creates the necessary bond. As Christians, we are told to “put on love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony”. If our relationships are built with anything else, they will be in trouble. Without love as the bond, even a relationship that looks good to those on the outside will eventually collapse under the stress of life.

There isn’t a ‘secret thing’ that some people possess that allows their relationships to thrive while others are doomed to failure. When Jesus was asked what the greatest commandment was, He said it all has to do with love. He taught us that love isn’t a feeling. Real love is how we treat others. Jesus explained that we will be ok if two things are properly cared for in our life. First, we need to make it a priority to love God. Then, we must also learn to love our neighbors. Whenever we get stuck, we can look to Him. Then we will discover that we love just as He first loved us. Let’s always remember that love is the right glue, and it is the only glue worth using!

In Christ,

Pastor Stan (and David)

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