Read Colossians 3:3-4

Thought for the Day: We live during an “in-between” time!

A farmer spent his career knowing that lightning could strike at any point. Living in a wide-open valley, his friends questioned why he was so unafraid of lightning striking and burning down his barn. But year after year, he faithfully planted and maintained his crops. He had nothing to fear…  because his little farm in a seemingly wide-open valley neighbored a tall mountain. And, this was not just any mountain: the farmer’s neighboring mountain was the highest point in the whole county. Whenever lightning struck, the farm was completely safe: it was hidden.

Writing to the Colossians, the Apostle Paul did more than simply reminding Christians to set their mind on things above. He reminded them that those who have faith in Christ do not need to be vulnerable to the fears and problems of this world. Instead, Paul was very clear: those with faith in Jesus are “hidden” with Him!

At times life can feel overwhelming. We know that Jesus conquered sin, death, and the forces of darkness. Still, Theologians call the time we live in the “Already-Not Yet”.  Simply put, this is because we are living in an in-between time.  Yes, Jesus has conquered death and our life is hidden in him.  This already happened.  However, we have not yet seen the final victory that we all share in.  For this reason, this in-between time can feel as if sin and death win on a day-to-day basis. But, there is good news: “your life is hidden in Christ with God”! No matter how uncertain this “Already-Not Yet” time may appear, we belong to God and have nothing to fear!

In Christ,

Pastors Stan and David

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