Set Your Mind On…

Set Your Mind On…

Read Colossians 3:1-2

Thought for the Day: Set your mind on the things above!

Our dog Elsa is typically good about eating her food and not being picky. After having had a number of dogs over the course of my life, I am pretty amazed at how well she behaves around food. The other night, however, I picked up hamburgers from Five Guys. Once I got home and we sat down to eat, I noticed something: Elsa was completely disinterested in her food. Instead, she had set her mind upon my hamburger!

Writing to the Church at Colossae, the Apostle Paul knew that the Colossians needed to be reminded to set their minds on the right things. Like Elsa, these First Century Christians had many opportunities to focus on the wrong things. While I buy Elsa very specific dog food which has been engineer to meet her digestive and nutritional needs, a hamburger seems to her like a better option…  In the same way, earthly things can appear to satisfy our needs… until they leave us unfulfilled.

As we live in difficult times, we need to remember that nothing but Jesus will ever truly satisfy us. At times, we can mistakenly believe that it is a good idea to argue with someone on social media or shame someone in public. Let’s remember that doing so is about as effective as Elsa eating a greasy hamburger. Instead, let’s set our minds on the things above!

In Christ,

Pastor Stan (and David)

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