He Chose the Cross (Forty Days with Jesus – Day 39, Apr 2)

He Chose the Cross (Forty Days with Jesus – Day 39, Apr 2)

Read Matthew 26:39

Thought for the Day: Jesus chose the Cross!

Jesus was (and is) no one’s victim. If we look at Jesus’s death and call it ‘murder’, we cheapen what happened. During all times during His human life, Jesus Christ of Nazareth was in full control of Himself. Everything that He did was His choice. Living a life as both fully God and fully Man, Jesus was no one’s victim. He chose the Cross out of love for each of us, His friends. After all, “Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.”

We must remember that even though the Cross was His choice, it was a terrible and difficult one. As Jesus sweated blood in the Garden, He prayed and contemplated the weight of His decision. Even in the midst of immeasurable agony and anxiety, Jesus did something amazing, He spoke a simple phrase: “Nevertheless, not as I will, but as You will.” Rather than seeing Himself as anyone’s victim, Jesus committed to following God, even knowing the terrible cost. He chose the Cross.

Jesus is the ultimate example for how each of us must live our lives. We are no one’s victims. Instead, as His disciples, we are called to take up our own crosses and follow Him. Today, tomorrow, and forever, we always have a choice. Let’s use that choice to follow Jesus!

Reflect & Pray – Do I see my life’s mission as an opportunity to follow Jesus? Am I willing to let go of any sense of helplessness or victimhood I may feel and instead see that I am Jesus’ friend? God, thank you for Your Son, the one who chose the Cross out of love for me!

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