He Chose to Make Peace (Forty Days with Jesus – Day 34, Mar 27)

He Chose to Make Peace (Forty Days with Jesus – Day 34, Mar 27)

Read Matthew 5:2-12

Thought for the Day: Jesus calls us to make peace!

After failing to get re-elected, former President Jimmy Carter could have let bitterness and resentment rule his life. Instead, he publicly pledged to not criticize the new administration in its initial years. Or, he could have used his time as a private citizen to amass additional wealth and influence. Rather than doing so, he pledged to follow the retirement plan of President Truman and not simply seek material gain. Instead, President Carter followed Jesus’ call to be a peacemaker. He elevated Habitat for Humanity to an international stage. He worked as a diplomat and peacemaker between the United States and countless nations around the world. And – he continued to teach Sunday School at his home church until the year 2020.

Jesus was quite clear: we are not called to sow division. We are not called to hold onto bitterness or resentment. We are not called to criticize others. If we want to find happiness, we must be peacemakers. That is why He said, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.” If we want to have the right reputation, we are called to make peace in our families, workplaces, and communities. Our world has more than enough division already. Jesus chose to make peace and He asks us to do the same.

Even as we have gone through this time of Lent, we have seen individuals make anything but peace. Big or small, actions matter. Words matter. As followers of Jesus, let’s not contribute to the divisions and pain that so deeply divide our communities. Let’s simply follow Jesus and see that we will only ever be happy if we first learn to make peace!

Reflect & Pray – How can I make peace in my family, workplace, and community? Jesus is calling me to be a peacemaker – am I willing to say ‘yes’? God, please allow Your Holy Spirit to allow me to both experience and sow Your peace!

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