He Chose to Hunger and Thirst for Righteousness (Forty Days with Jesus – Day 31, Mar 24)

He Chose to Hunger and Thirst for Righteousness (Forty Days with Jesus – Day 31, Mar 24)

Read Matthew 5:2-12

Thought for the Day: Jesus calls us to live with passion for what is right!

It is highly unlikely that any player on the 2004 Red Sox had more of a hand in breaking the “Curse of the Bambino” than Christopher “Trot” Nixon. A fan favorite, feisty Trot was loved for his mohawk hairdo, late-game heroics, and fiery style of play. His teammates loved him for his passion for the game and unending commitment to the team. More than anything, he allowed his faith in Jesus to guide him on and off the baseball field. But, after he won the World Series, Trot felt a sense of emptiness because he had placed such a priority on winning a title. He had put winning above his faith in Christ. Fortunately, he remembered that his call was to pursue Jesus first: “I knew I had to put God on that pedestal instead.

Throughout His life and ministry, Jesus saw first-hand what happens when we live with a passion for anything else other than God. The Pharisees and Jewish leaders prioritized reputation and power over authenticity. The crowds prioritized amazing signs and gossip over truly learning from Jesus. While these things initially seem fulfilling, we become dissatisfied if we hunger and thirst for power, reputation, entertainment, or popularity. Instead, Jesus put it simply: “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied.”

As we go through this season of Lent, we have the opportunity to see how the choices of Jesus contrast with our own. If we want to be satisfied, we need to stop pursuing the things we know will let us down and instead follow Jesus. When we hunger and thirst for righteousness, we may or may not be powerful, well thought of, entertained, or popular. But, we will be reasonably happy!

Reflect & Pray – Am I putting other things on the pedestal where God belongs? Am I willing to stop pursuing everything else and start following Jesus? God, please help me follow you in all parts of my life, beginning today!

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