He Chose to Humble Himself (Forty Days with Jesus – Day 29, Mar 22nd)

He Chose to Humble Himself (Forty Days with Jesus – Day 29, Mar 22nd)

Read Philippians 2:5-8

Thought for the Day: Jesus chose humility and I need to as well!

Who could ever forget young Wilbur from Charlotte’s Web? The runt of his litter, Wilbur found himself saved by little Fern Arable and later raised for eventual slaughter on Zuckerman’s farm. But then an unexpected hero emerged: a spider named Charlotte and the mastermind behind a plan to save Wilbur. Determined to show everyone that Wilbur was special and worth saving, Charlotte began to spin words into her web like “Some Pig” praising Wilbur.

Unlike Wilbur, we have nothing to prove. We are special, chosen, and beloved children of God. But, we are not called to rub this into people’s faces. Instead, we are called to be humble. In our lives, it is easy to find ourselves acting like “Some Pig” instead of learning to be humble like Jesus. He offers each of us a better way. As the Apostle Paul wrote, “being found in human form, He humbled Himself”. No one is more special than Jesus. After all, He lived a perfect human life. But, instead of pointing His perfection out to others, Jesus was humble and gentle. He chose to show humility through action: He lived a life of service to others.

To God, we are absolutely special. However, when we go through life acting like “Some Pig”, we completely miss the point. Jesus did nothing wrong and yet He was willing to live so humbly that He gave His life for each of us. He submitted to death and died on the Cross. So, if Jesus was willing to be that humble, what makes us think that we need to point out our greatness to others? True greatness is the willingness to live out our faith by serving others. He chose humility and we are called to as well!

Reflect & Pray – Do I go through life serving others or expecting to be served? Starting today, am I willing to focus on becoming more humble like Jesus?
God, at the times when I act like I am great, please remind me to stay humble!

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