He Chose to Send Us in Peace (Forty Days with Jesus – Day 25, Mar 17th)

He Chose to Send Us in Peace (Forty Days with Jesus – Day 25, Mar 17th)

Read Luke 8:43-48

Thought for the Day: No matter our history or background, Jesus brings peace!

Throughout her life, Fanny Crosby could have held onto resentment, bitterness, or frustration. She was blinded in her infancy as the result of medical quackery. Yet, the songwriter who would go on to write countless hymns did not experience a life of turmoil. Despite living without physical sight, she trusted Jesus and received the true peace that only He offers. Consider the lyrics of, “All the Way My Savior Leads Me”: Heavenly peace, divinest comfort. Ere by faith in Him to dwell. For I know whatever befall me, Jesus doeth all things well. Fanny learned that peace has nothing to do with sight or physical conditions and everything to do with trusting in Jesus first, last, and always!

Do you remember Jesus’ interaction with the woman who had lived with a condition rendering her ‘unclean’ for 12 years in her society? So often, we read the wonderful stories of individuals who were healed after coming face-to-face with Jesus and only see a physical result. But, when we simply focus on physical healing, we miss the point. Jesus performed miracles like healings out of love for those who He came into contact with, but also as outward signs of something even more important: He alone is the answer. After all, after 12 years as an outsider, Jesus gave her the opportunity to “go in peace”!

No matter the ups-and-downs we have experienced in our lives, Jesus wants to bring us peace today. This peace has nothing to do with physical healing. Both the woman Jesus physically healed in Luke’s Gospel and Fanny Crosby (who never was healed of her blindness during her life on earth) experienced the peace that only Jesus has to offer. During this season of Lent, let’s remember that He is the only one who will bring us true happiness!

Reflect & Pray – Do I put too much focus on physical comfort and not enough on trust in Jesus? Am I willing to live a life following Him? God, thank you for Jesus. Please allow me to experience the peace only He provides!

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