He Chose to See Real Faith (Forty Days with Jesus – Day 10, Feb 27th)

He Chose to See Real Faith (Forty Days with Jesus – Day 10, Feb 27th)

Read Luke 5:17-26

Thought for the Day: Amazing things happen when we work together!

When a student struggles, is the job of the school to find an appropriate response that meets his or her specific needs. This is called an intervention and it comes in one of two forms: individual or team. An individual-based intervention involves one designated staff member whereas team-based relies on the skills of a group. Teachers too often default to individual-based interventions when students struggle to regulate behavior, fall behind in an academic subject, or have difficulties with age-appropriate socialization. It can feel really good to act like the hero saving the day. However, any seasoned teacher knows that trying to fix a problem alone is a recipe for disaster. Instead, the best solutions are team-based!

Thousands of years before we had any idea about educational pedagogy or special education interventions, a brave group of companions realized that they needed to rely on each other to get their friend to Jesus. While their friend was paralyzed, these companions had faith that Jesus would be able to heal him. Unfortunately, they had a problem: a crowd blocked the entrance to the house where Jesus was teaching and there was no way in. Instead of giving up, something amazing happened. The group climbed onto the roof, cut open the ceiling, and lowered their friend down to Jesus. Seeing the faith of this brave group, Jesus healed the man.

Jesus chose to see the real faith of this group of friends. Rather than any of them individually trying to be the ‘hero’, this group realized that real faith gives us the courage to work together and not have to be the hero. Today, we are called to have the courage to see that God is calling us to work with the other Christians he has placed in our lives. After all, He has called us to live out a team-based faith!

Reflect & Pray – When I feel like I need to do everything myself, am I willing to see that I am setting myself up for failure? Am I willing to work with other believers? God, please give me the willingness to work with those You have put in my life!

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