He Chose to Heal Ten Lepers (Forty Days with Jesus – Day 15, Mar 5th)

He Chose to Heal Ten Lepers (Forty Days with Jesus – Day 15, Mar 5th)

Read Luke 17:11-19

Thought for the Day: Be the 10th healed leper; be grateful!

In the Ancient World, those sick with leprosy were completely cast out of society. As they dealt with a horribly debilitating and painful illness, they experienced a profound and unparalleled sense of isolation. However, the Old Testament Law in Leviticus 14 contained special provisions for healing leprosy. And – those suffering from leprosy held onto the hope that someday they too could be healed and restored into society. So, it was with this hope that ten lepers called out to Jesus as He was walking from Samaria to Galilee.

That day, Jesus chose to heal the lepers and sent them to the priests according to the customs of Leviticus 14. Nine of the ten healed individuals departed and returned to society. But one stayed back and fell at Jesus’ feet. While the others had been quick to celebrate their renewed sense of freedom, this one knew the truth. God is faithful and He deserves our gratitude!

Throughout our lives, we tend to be like the nine lepers when good things happen. It is easy to celebrate our blessings while forgetting Who is our healer and provider. This Lenten season, let’s learn to be like the 10th leper. God is faithful and we are called to give thanks!

Reflect & Pray – Am I living life with a sense of gratitude for all the blessings I have been given? How can I live today knowing that God is the healer and provider in my life? God, please grant me the willingness to consistently come before you with a grateful heart!

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