He Chose to Heal Even When Betrayed (Forty Days with Jesus – Day 16, Mar 6th)

He Chose to Heal Even When Betrayed (Forty Days with Jesus – Day 16, Mar 6th)

Read Luke 22:49-51

Thought for the Day: Jesus offers a better way!

Even as He faced betrayal and arrest, Jesus continued to demonstrate grace and forgiveness to those around Him. On the night Jesus was taken away, one of His followers lashed out in frustration and fear. This disciple took a sword, swung wildly, and cut off the ear of one of those arresting Jesus. When Jesus had asked His disciples to stay awake with Him in the Garden, they had fallen asleep. Now in a desperate situation, this disciple attempted to make up for his past mistakes.

Jesus could have simply let events play out without interfering. Or, He could have intervened and used His power to break free. Instead, He did something amazing: “Jesus said, ‘No more of this!’ And He touched his ear and healed him.” Jesus chose to find a middle way. He accepted the situation as it was, and prepared Himself to be beaten and killed. Simultaneously, He continued to show love and forgiveness to those around Him. Even when betrayed, He continued to heal.

It is easy to go through life with binary thinking, assuming that we only have two choices: fight or give up. Let’s learn from Jesus’ example that we always have a far better option: we can accept situations exactly as they are and continue to practice love, grace, and forgiveness. During this time of reflection, let’s remember that Jesus could have fought back or simply acted like a martyr. Instead, He chose a better way. He chose to heal even when betrayed!

Reflect & Pray – When I find myself in difficult circumstances, do I tend to either fight or act like a martyr? Am I willing to follow Jesus’ better way? God, please give me the humility to continue to show love and forgiveness even when it is hard!

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