He Chose to Heal A Little Girl (Forty Days with Jesus – Day 12, Mar 2nd)

He Chose to Heal A Little Girl (Forty Days with Jesus – Day 12, Mar 2nd)

Read Mark 5:38-42

Thought for the Day: The story isn’t over until Jesus says so!

Disaster had struck and it was now over. Game. Set. Match. Despite their hope and willingness to hold out for a miracle, none came. The little girl was dead and there was nothing anyone could do about it. All that could be done now was to mourn and begin the slow process of moving forward. The story was over and everyone knew it. Everyone, except for one…

Jesus apparently didn’t get the memo because He showed up anyways. After all, Jairus, the ruler of the synagogue, had asked for help and Jesus was ready to provide it. But the people began to mock and laugh. They kept doing so until He used two simple words: “Talitha cumi”. Suddenly, the peoples’ laughter turned to amazement and the little girl got out of bed. That day, the people learned an important truth: the story isn’t over until Jesus says so!

It is easy to look at trying situations and simply see hopelessness. However, when we pray and ask Jesus for help, we know that He gets the final word. As we go through a season of prayer and reflection, let’s learn to stop calling situations ‘the end’, instead trusting God moment-to-moment and day-by-day. In those situations we see as final or impossible, let’s remember that it isn’t over until Jesus says so!

Reflect & Pray – Am I willing to have faith and let go of my expectations for how things will turn out? Am I willing to pray and ask for Jesus to help? God, grant me the willingness to turn to You in the times I feel trapped and helpless!

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