The LORD is my Shepherd

The LORD is my Shepherd

“The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall not want”.  This first line of the 23rd Psalm is remarkable.  It makes it clear that the LORD is not only a shepherd, but He is MY shepherd.  It is noteworthy that the name for God in this Psalm is written “LORD” with all capital letters.  Why does this matter?  Because when LORD appears in all capital letters, it refers to the most sacred name for God in the Bible.  He is the one who is the Creator of heaven and earth!

Let’s think about what this means for us.  The LORD who created everything has a personal relationship with you and me.  The LORD is “my shepherd”.  As my shepherd, He watches over me.  As my shepherd, He takes care of me.  As my shepherd, He makes sure to notice what I need.  This goes for every one of us.

It is no wonder that this Psalm tells us that we will not want.  The word for “want” is the Hebrew word, Hasar.  It means to be lacking or deprived.  The LORD takes note of you and me and makes sure that we are not lacking anything that we really need.  At times like this, it can give us great comfort to know that the LORD is paying attention to us personally and providing for us.

I’ve never owned a lamb, but Regina and I have always had dogs.  When I go to the store to purchase food for our dog, I don’t think that our dog Michelle is aware of the fact that Regina and I have taken note of how much dog food is left or when more is needed to be purchased.  She doesn’t give any thought to the fact that we have worked with her vet to pick out 2 particular types of food that are best for her.  She does know when she is hungry and lets us know.  But she seems unaware of all the thought and time that was put into making sure she is taken care of in a manner that is best for her.

Today instead of focusing on what is wrong, think about the fact that the LORD Himself takes note of you and is providing for you.  As hard as it is to imagine, each of us can say, “The LORD is my shepherd” and has His eye on each of us today!

In Christ’s Love,

Pastor Stan

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