In the midst of chaos, trust in Him

In the midst of chaos, trust in Him

“He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters, he refreshes my soul.”  The second statement in the 23rd Psalm is one of rest, refreshment and peace. After the LORD has cared for us by making sure that we have the things we really need, He brings us to a place of safety. He nourishes us, He quenches our thirst, He watches over us while we rest.
The undeveloped lands of the bible that the writer of this psalm lived in were dry and hard and rocky. The grass would have been sparse and tough, the sources of water few and far between. It was the job of the shepherd to guide his flock through this harsh terrain to places of food and water and safety.


What does that mean to us today? It can be hard to find peace in this world, especially during times of heightened anxiety. It is difficult to find places where we can feel safe and protected enough to really take a deep breath and rest our souls.


Do you have a place like that? When I am having a particularly difficult day, my favorite place to go is the beach. Somehow just smelling the salt air lowers my blood pressure! This is a place where I can find peace, comfort, and rest for my soul. I can feel God all around me. When I leave, I feel refreshed and rejuvenated.


The LORD offers us this kind of haven in the midst of chaos. When we trust in Him, and allow Him to lead us, He will bring us to those moments of true peace. He will guide us to those places where we can be comfortable enough and feel safe enough to just rest. It may not be the beach for you, it may not even be an actual place! It may simply be a space in your own mind when you can pray and feel God’s comfort.


As we navigate this sometimes crazy world, let’s remember that the LORD wants to lead us to a place where we can find refuge in Him. Trust Him and follow His lead!


In Christ’s Love –
Pastor Josee

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