What does it mean to be loved?

What does it mean to be loved?

Genesis 17:17

Abraham fell on his face and laughed. 

Abraham fell on his face and laughed. He and Sarah felt “their time” was passed. They looked at their lives and Abraham was 100 years old while Sarah was in her 90’s. Their lifetime dream was to start a family so they could pass on their heritage.

Now, God was telling them the impossible. “Your time is not passed” God told them. “You are just well worn and loved individuals. In fact, you will become parents to a baby named Isaac within the year!”

How often we feel as if it is just too late for us? We even have scars to prove it. Our mistakes, missed opportunities, debts, and other things in life prove to us that we must be BROKEN. God wants us to know that we are simply LOVED!

When Regina was little, she had a Teddy Bear. She named him “Ted E”! Ted E went with her everywhere. It certainly has warn marks from the years. However, it has never been anything other than loved. When our oldest son David was little, Regina gave him the bear. Now Ted E received more wear and love. However, if anyone ever would have thought Ted E’s time was behind him, they would have been wrong. You see, when our youngest child, Todd, was feeling lonely and anxious, David gave him Ted E. Now the well-loved bear was repurposed one more time. Today, David is 29 and Todd is 22, but we all know that Ted E still has a future!

Like Abraham, Sarah, and Ted E, we all have our past. We show marks from the wear, but with God there is much more for each one of us. Don’t laugh at the possibility of the new thing God is doing in your life. I invite you to be open to the Holy Spirit and realize that in God’s eyes you and I are loved and up for whatever the future holds!

Hillsong’s “Who You Say I Am” reminds us that it is God who lets us know who we are and how we should view our lives!

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