Genesis 14:22

I have lifted my hand to the LORD, God Most High. 

Melchizedek was the King of Salem and Priest of the LORD, God Most High. When Abram encountered him, Abram had just rescued his nephew Lot. The temptation was for Abram to make a deal with the King of Sodom to attain personal gain and future assurances. Instead, Abram lifted his hand to the LORD, God Most High and gave a tithe (10%) of all that he had attained to God through Melchizedek the priest of the LORD, God Most High.

Abram’s story is remarkably similar to our lives. When we accomplish anything, it is easy for us to take the credit for ourselves instead of giving God credit. It is also a temptation to work things out so we either make ourselves look good, help ourselves feel secure, or reward ourselves for our hard work. Abram didn’t do any of these. Instead, he returned all praise to God and followed that up by giving God a tithe of all that he had gained.

The question is simple. Who do we live for? Do you and I realize that everything we have has been entrusted to us by God? We need to work hard. We also will receive blessings for the work we do. However, giving our tithe to God isn’t some rule that the church has come up with. Tithing is a concrete way we learn to put God first. Learning to put God first is something that will always take work. Otherwise we find ourselves taking credit for everything that goes well and blame for what goes wrong in our lives.

The Bible teaches a different way. We are invited to “Lift our hand to the LORD, God Most High” and put Him first. When we learn to live this way, we will discover that God is always with us and has a plan for us every day!

I invite you to take time to listen to, “Living Hope”. It is a reminder of God’s amazing love through Jesus Christ and His care for each one of us!

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