Not Lot

Not Lot

Genesis 14:12

They captured Lot, Abram’s nephew who lived in Sodom, and carried off everything he owned. 

When we think of Lot, we should think of three words: Not My Problem! The Bible teaches that Lot was drawn to the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. Had he been drawn there out of a belief that he was being called to make a difference, it would have been fine. Instead, he was enticed to go there when he saw that the cities were appealing to his senses.

The Bible is clear. The people of Sodom and Gomorrah were wicked. Their lifestyles meant that instead of working to build a moral community, they were narcissistic in everything they did. Thinking only of their own self-indulgence, they failed to even build an infrastructure that could stand up to invading armies.

Lot could have been a man of great principles who demonstrated what it means to live a life of service and integrity.Instead, he failed to do anything to make his community better. He compromised his own values and simply blended in with the crowd.

Bobby Kennedy once said, “Some men see things as they are and say why. I dream things that never were and say, ‘Why not?’” Had Lot had that same vision, he would have done something that may have saved his city and ultimately protected himself and his family when the enemies invaded.

God has a message for each one of us, “Not Lot”! God doesn’t want us to leave the problems of this world for someone else to solve. Instead, He wants us to do what we can to serve others and make our community a better place!

Ricky Skaggs daughter, Molly Skaggs, sings “Ain’t No Grave” with Bethel Music.

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