Investing in our families and friends

Investing in our families and friends

Genesis 13:8
“Let there be no strife between you and me”

God had spoken to Abram. He led everyone, including his nephew Lot, all the way from modern day Iraq to modern day Israel. A 700 mile “Slow Walk of Faith” was now going quite well. Just like when we follow God, Abram and his family were receiving God’s blessings.

However, dissension arose in their family. Lot and his uncle didn’t see eye to eye on things. To make matters worse, they both had servants and herdsmen that were arguing. Abram and Sarai had set out in faith. Now they were being tested.

Every one of us gets tested in our life. Often, the tests that we face include something that directly affects our loved ones. A pastor of one of the largest churches in our country had a falling out with his son. They agreed to part ways and save their relationship. Today, they both serve different churches in the same city. Interestingly, they happen to be the two largest churches in that city. It’s amazing how God can even turn our disagreements into something amazing for His glory!

Abram trusted God with decisions. He knew how important it was to have peace with his nephew Lot. Therefore, Abram and Sarai made the investment. They made sure that there was no problem between them. Abram told Lot to pick the land he wanted for himself. Abram and Sarai would take whatever wasn’t chosen. In the end, this investment into his family first made all the difference. It is, after all, Abram who became the “Father of our Faith”!

Consider your family and friends. I challenge you to think if there is anything that is causing dissension. We have no control over what others do. However, each one of us can do our part to make sure that we trust God, invest in our relationships, and settle our difference in an amicable way. Often this means we won’t feel like we are getting the better deal. However, if we are trusting in God and investing in those we love, God will honor our decision!

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