Perfectly, Imperfect

Perfectly, Imperfect

Genesis 12:13

“(Lie for me) so that my life may be spared.”

Those words from Abram have always sent chills down my spine. Here we have Abram and Sarai in Egypt. They have set out on a journey of faith from Ur of the Chaldeans. In their slow, steady walk of faith circumstances started to go bad. The same thing happens to us.They faced a famine and we face our own difficulties. Because of the famine they ended up in Egypt. Then Abram did something that he never should have done. He started thinking!

What began as a life committed to trusting in God and His plan had turned to Abrams own “Perfectly Imperfect” thoughts. For Abram this led him to concoct a crazy scheme. He would pass his wife off as his sister. He figured out in his mind that this would allow him to have some time to negotiate her marriage. During that marriage negotiation he believed he would have time to work things out for himself and Sarai. The only problem was it was a “Perfectly Imperfect” idea.

When Pharaoh heard that Sarai was Abrams sister, he simply bypassed any negotiation. Why negotiate when he was the most powerful man in Egypt?Pharaoh quickly took Sarai as his wife. Now Abram and Sarai were in the absolute worst situation they could imagine. God came through and worked things out. However, it was Abram’s own crazy “Perfectly Imperfect” thoughts that got them into the trouble they were in.

We are all “Perfectly Imperfect”! This means we need help. God didn’t create us to figure things out on our own. God asks us to trust Him, read our Bible, pray, and seek Godly wisdom. When we do this (and are honest with a Christian friend or pastor about what we are thinking), we discover that God always provides us with His perspective. Unlike our thoughts, God’s are always “Perfect” and that makes all the difference!

I invite you to take time to listen to Crowder’s song, “Ain’t No Grave”! It is a reminder that only our perfect God has the power over death.

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