Luke 1:39-40
Mary got ready and hurried to a town in the hill country of Judea, where she entered Zechariah’s home and greeted Elizabeth.

This past Sunday, Ilona shared with us the story of Mary learning that she was chosen to become the mother of our Savior. Mary truly was the first Christian. Her life demonstrates what it means to be one who loves Christ. From the moment that Gabriel spoke to her, Mary lived the life of a faithful believer!

One of the first things that Mary did was travel over 80 miles to see her cousin Elizabeth who had also been visited by God. Mary knew something. She knew that as a person of faith she needed to be with other believers. In what was the first Christian small group, or as we call them at Faith Community Church, FaithGroup, Mary and Elizabeth supported each other and shared what God was doing in their lives. Mary understood that “fellowship” with another believer was so essential, that from the very moment she learned what God’s plan was for her life, she shared her experience with Elizabeth!

This Christmas season I invite you to ask yourself, “How am I connecting with other Christians?” Through our church we offer many FaithGroups. Perhaps you haven’t yet found a place to connect. Please speak to Pastor Stan, Pastor David, Pastor Josee, or Ilona (our new Women’s Ministry Director). We would love to meet with you and help you get more connected. Fellowship is an essential part of being a Christian. Our hope and prayer for you is to discover that God doesn’t want you to be alone. Just like Mary needed Elizabeth, let’s never forget that we need one another!

I invite you to listen to “Glory” (Let There Be Peace) by Matt Maher.

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