Genesis 8:1

“God remembered Noah”  

There are no words in Scripture that can give us more comfort than Genesis 8:1 when we understand what is being said. Noah and his family had endured 40 days and 40 nights of rain. In all, 5 months passed before the ark landed on safe dry land. It would be a whole year from the time that they entered the ark until Noah and family would be able to leave the ark.

Like the Pilgrims who came to America, I am sure that boat must have felt small, cramped, and uncomfortable. Like the Pilgrims who finally landed and found themselves in a New World, Noah and family discovered what for them was a New World! However, during the time on the boat, they also learned something important. God never forgot them. The idea that God “remembered Noah” is a reference to the fact that no matter what circumstances they found themselves in, God always acted in their best interest.

In our lives, there are times that we feel as if we are on a cramped, damp, rocky boat! It may be financial concerns, problems in our family, or something else that makes us wonder if God has forgotten us. The promise of God’s Word is that He never forgets you or me. God is a covenantal God. This means that He has promised to be faithful and He will always act in our best interest. For Noah and his family, this meant a New World in God’s timing. For you and me, it means that we need to stay calm when the seas seem rocky and our path uncertain. God “REMEMBERS” us because He never forgets us!

Matt Maher’s Song, “Your Grace is Enough” reminds us of God’s unconditional love for each of us no matter what we face!

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