Two Words

Two Words

Genesis 6:8
“But Noah found favor in the eyes of the LORD.”

Let’s think about two words. The first word is “But”. It shows how Noah and his family stand in stark contrast to their generation. The Bible makes it clear that Noah was born into a world in which morality and personal responsibility were rare. It would have been easy for Noah to simply blend in the crowd. Instead the Bible uses that simple word, “But”. In other words, his world lived one way, BUT Noah made different choices. His world thought little of faith, BUT Noah trusted God. The choice is always there for us. We can look at things in our world and get frustrated and compromise ourselves, BUT we can also choose to live for God and trust His Word.

The second word is “Noah”. Noah in Hebrew is two letters N-H. Interestingly, grace in Hebrew is those same two letters H-N. Because Noah trusted God, he and his family experienced H-N (grace). Grace is God’s unmerited gift to us. We don’t earn God’s grace, instead we receive it. Grace is a gift from God. Grace is forgiveness when we do wrong. Grace is things going well even after we messed things up. Grace is another chance when we think we have failed. Grace is what God wants to give you and me if we can live like Noah and trust God.

Our world is very often negative, cynical, and filled with compromise. BUT we can be like Noah and experience H-N (grace) by trusting God and putting everything in His hands!

Chris Tomlin’s song, “Amazing Grace, My Chains Are Gone” remind us of the grace that John Newton, composer of the beloved hymn, “Amazing Grace” experienced. It is the same grace that is available to each one of us!

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