The Power of the Cross

The Power of the Cross

Genesis 3:1

“Now the serpent was more crafty than any other beast of the field that the LORD God had made.”

It is interesting what Genesis 3:1 says and what it doesn’t say. We are told in the third chapter of the first book of our Bibles that there is one who is “more crafty” than any other beast God made. This is the one who came in the form a serpent in the Garden of Eden. Throughout Scripture we are reminded that on their own Adam and Eve had no ability to withstand the false promises that were made to them.

We are the same as Adam and Eve. On our own, we stand no chance of winning the battle against Satan and his schemes. It would be as if the Golden State Warriors were playing a game against the best kindergarten basketball team in America. To put it simply: There would be no contest!

Now notice what Genesis 3 DOESN’T say. It DOESN’T say that the serpent stands any chance when facing God, God’s Word, or Christians working together! At times we feel as though the things we want to do are destined fail. We get frustrated and want to give up. Instead, let’s rely on the Power of the Cross. By daily staying in God’s Word, praying, and reaching out to other believers we will discover that the serpent may be crafty, but he stands no chance against the power of Christ and the Cross!

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